Saturday, December 16, 2017
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Charles Koch Says People Who Make $34K are in the 1%

Did you know that if you make over $34,000 per year you are in the 1%? According to a new video called “Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds” by the Charles Koch Foundation, that has been running on television in his home state of Kansas, those making that princely sum are among the wealthiest 1% in the world.

Ah, but there’s the rub. When most refer to the “richest 1%” they’re referring to members of the western nations. By including the entire world’s population, the Kock ad is able to skew the number to fit their purpose.

So what is “Economic Freedom” anyway – this grand ideal that needs it’s own 60-second promotional spot? It’s a phrase that means eliminating taxes, trade restrictions and investment policy. In other words economic anarchy. That’s the way the Koch Brothers got their billions and they want more. And they want you rich world 1%’ers making over $34,000 dollars to give them to freedom to drive you out of the worlds 1%.

Remember – the Koch’s aren’t just in the world’s top 1%, or even the U.S. top 1%. They’re 2 of the absolute richest men in the world.

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  • Helen L. Hronec

    $34,000 is rich? HAH? Who are they trying to fool? It is barely above the poverty level. Is it a ploy to keep wages low, trying to make people believe they are better off than some third world county? I wish they would go to some third world country and try to control them instead of us or our government. And they can take the Tea Party with them, since they like funding them so much. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool most Americans.. we know better.